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Trans Freight Network Services is a leading Multinational Forwarding Company with Charter and Project expertise. We understands given the increasing size and complexity of today’s Capital projects that many manufacturers look to turn to our professional Chartering team, who are specialists in turnkey and projects within a number of industries. These industries including: construction, mining, energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, engineering, marine and off-shore industries.

TFNS handles General and cold storage Warehousing facility and manages storage and distribution services for leading companies in the India and across our network. Further, we handle international branded companies looking for importing bulk cargo to India and re-exporting within the country as per market requirements.
We consolidate and manage the Movement of Merchandise to distribution centers and retail outlets domestically, regionally and around the globe. Our consolidation services helps to improves reliability and reduces Supply chain costs for our customers. When our customers do not need an entire ocean container, LCL(Less than Container Load) . We combine or consolidate the products in one FCL (Full Container Load) with multiple customers cargoes, so that our customer will save more money by paying only the freight rates based on the actual shipment dimensions and weight. We will utilize the container space and organize the container loading according to the different characteristics of the goods and design the direct and transshipment routes and solutions to meet the different .requirements of the customers.

With the help of interline network , we have come up with a unique and efficient route to certain geographically remote places , thereby making it easy to serve our clients irrespective of where they are based. A consumer looks for a service provider who can handle all their procurement needs , which is why you need to have solutions for cross trade if situations demand. We have a separate team of specialists who are well versed with the norms and functioning of each continent thereby helping us to meet the requirements.

Trans Freight Network Services is equipped with skilled persons in Industrial Packing, handling Personal effects and professionals in dismantling and moving heavy equipments.

TNFS have a group of appointed CHA team who is well versed with the customs formalities in India to stream line the clearance procedure in compliance with the Mumbai customs regulations. With the help of networks of road transport options, door delivery service has become one of the competitive market for us.

Trans Freight Network Services expertise and experienced Project team provides an excellent and time bound services for voluminous cargo movement with 24—7 hour support, to all parts of the world. We are specialized in mining, construction, energy, Oil and gas industry projects, heavy lift offshore oil rig supplies, industrial turbines, transformers, oversized equipment and other voluminous steel structures. Our HSE policy provides a safe place for our employees and business associates, to avoid hazards and ensure Zero incidents. We places a significant emphasis on forming trust and long term relationships with both our clients and suppliers. We have developed a continually ,expanding client and supplier list within these sectors with projects running throughout the world on an ongoing basis By having a dedicated team of project staff, specialist in-house skills place TFNS in a position to handle any out of gauge logistic requirement.

Logistics requirements are a combination of services through all 3 modes of transport which is termed as 3 pillars of procurement. Being established and having presence in all major continents, we have the facility to handle air freight from anywhere in the country under the interline agreement with major airlines. Our Sea freight team is placed at the port to handle both modes(FCL/LCL) along with clearance services which contributes to the major sea freight service. Land transport plays and integral part of our network structure in India. With over 10 branches handling our road transport dept, our network is always on a move to serve in best possible way.


In today’s intensely competitive market,Trans Freight Network Services fully understands the need for speed, order fulfillment & delivery commitments.
We deliver on-time shipments, thanks to our extensive global offices & network, service routes and potential gateways.
We are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed over the years with the airlines and charter carriers globally which acts as a tool for our unique service technique.
With our seamless quotation process, and team of industry experts specializing in Air Cargo Services we offer competitive pricing and tailor made space allocation agreements which suits each customer based on their needs. Subsequently we are able to obtain capacity, often when other companies cannot, enabling us to operate inbound and outbound airfreight as well as cross trade solutions.
Building relationships is key, & we as a group of young enthusiasts ensure we make it happen to favor our customers in a profitable way.

Our Air cargo products include:
– Airport to Airport Express/Cheap service
– Door to door option
– Last Mile delivery
– Customs clearance
– Cargo Insurance
– Special Cargo handling
– Complete cargo routing visibility
– Special handling on public holidays & weekends


Termed as one of the most cheapest forms of global transportation,sea freight serves a majority of logistic requirements in the global market.
Our services comprises of ,
Fully computerized bookings
LCL or FCL shipments.
Live loading service for loading and unloading of containers,
Cross country container delivery & pickup
AES Filings
Letters of Credit
Special Ocean freight project Services include:
Refrigerated containers – Tankers
Open top and flat rack service

24 hours delivery/pick up
With the world turning in to a machine to utilize maximum from the time available, quick delivery has become the need of the hour.
UAE is geographically vast but that doesn’t hinders our passion to provide delivery/ collection services in a span of 24 hours.
AFE binds to the promise made every time for every delivery/ pickup .
Same day delivery/pick up
Last & First mile are often referred to as the most important phase of a logistic cycle.It is rightly said that these 2 sections determine your strength in wining the trust of your customer.Our same day service is tailor made for those who want quick service to safeguard their interest.Be it a personalized gift for your loved ones or an important document to reach airport , our team of riders and movers are on their toes waiting for instructions to act.
The most promising part of this service is, you can avail them on public holidays as well at the same price.
This means we got you covered 24×7 ,365 days.
Last/ First Clearance & Delivery
E-commerce /urgent cargo needs to be handled in a special way to provide competitive solutions.Our team are trained & experienced to offer clearance & delivery for multiple shipments which may be time sensitive,requires same day delivery,including card/cash of delivery.
Statics shows solutions offered by companies for last / first mile clearance & delivery make them one of the competitive service provider in the market.
Our vehicles are on the run 24×7 to keep up to our service.
HUM handling
Our team of experts take special care to treat human remains with utmost dignity & are brought back to home country with minimum delay.
Our dedicated team also visit the family of the deceased at their place and accompany them to the airport to claim the body of the departed soul.
As an opportunity to pay respect to them,we handle the process by not charging any fees irrespective of the charges incurred to us.
Personal Cargo ( effects)
A man is know as a nomad who keeps traveling to explore new places and settle for life.This has been the routine since pre-historic times.But now a days people do return back to their home country after their years of services to lead their retired life peacefully in their home country.
We are specialized to handle such cargo and are aware about the formalities , rules,regulations & obstacles faced by them to have their beloved personal belongings to be transported globally.
We follow protocols & visit their place to pack sensitive & fragile goods separately to ensure there is no damage during transit.
Our team are often referred by them on multiple occasions to others due to our unique cargo handling methods.
Diplomat Cargo Handling
This section of cargo is one of the tedious & sensitive process considering the people involved in it.You have to be really experienced in handling this as it a case of our reputation & service .
Our dedicated team headed by the diplomatic cargo manager travel to the destination & origin ( in case of cross trades) to personally assist the guest to have their baggage moved & cleared on priority without them getting involved in whichever way possible.
Vehicle Clearance
When the cargo is a vehicle ,it itself has a meaning to the complexity hence needs special care & professionalism to handle it with utmost care.
Temporary & normal export can be handled by our dedicated clearance specialists with ease.

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